Swgoh grand arena counters

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General Skywalker. Commander Luke Skywalker. Darth Revan. Jedi Knight Revan. Geonosian Brood Alpha. Jango Fett. Rey Jedi Training. Asajj Ventress. CT "Fives". Darth Malak. Darth Traya. Emperor Palpatine. General Grievous. Grand Admiral Thrawn. Grand Master Yoda. Kylo Ren Unmasked. Mother Talzin. Obi-Wan Kenobi Old Ben. Shaak Ti. Bastila Shan. Bastila Shan Fallen. Zam Wesell. CT "Rex". Count Dooku. Darth Sion. General Hux. Jolee Bindo. Nute Gunray. Darth Nihilus. General Kenobi. Ahsoka Tano.

B1 Battle Droid. B2 Super Battle Droid.

swgoh grand arena counters

Barriss Offee. CT "Echo".Oh no! If this text is up long enough for you to read it, it means that something went wrong. Most likely, your browser is trying to access an old version of the javascript that runs this site, but it doesn't exist anymore.

swgoh grand arena counters

If that's the case, then you need to clear your browser's cache and reload, and everything should work again.

Exactly how you do that, though, depends on your browser.

The Grand Arena: 3v3 Teams & Strategy

Try the instructions below, but if they don't work, feel free to ask for help on the Discord server. Other browsers may work, but they are not officially supported.

If you're having trouble, try using one of the supported browsers before asking for help. In firefox, you can either completely forget about a particular site removing all saved data about that siteor you can clear the cache for all sites, but you can't just clear the cache for one site.

Go to the Application tab. Select Clear storage from the sidebar. Check Cache storage and Application cache and hit Clear site data. Reload the page.

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Firefox In firefox, you can either completely forget about a particular site removing all saved data about that siteor you can clear the cache for all sites, but you can't just clear the cache for one site. Find the Mods Optimizer in the list of sites visited. Right click on the Mods Optimizer and select Forget about this site. Click on Clear data under the Cookies and Site Data heading. Select Cached Web Content.

Hit Clear. Close preferences and reload the page.Home Discussions Best Of New player? Check out the new player index. December 7, PM. A blend of attacker, tank, healer and support? Thank you. December 7, PM edited December They're often misleading. Grand Master Yoda, for example, is a "support," but he hits like a train and is the main damage dealer on a lot of Jedi teams. Likewise, there are "tanks" that can't taunt and deal lots of damage.

You're better off looking at each character's individual kit and figuring out how it would fit into a full squad - what does it counter, what will it synergize with, etc. Synergy makes a good team. A good leader ability and characters that specifically benefit from that leader ability.

Look at the top of your arena for examples of teams that are doing well for people that started around the same time you did. Focus on building a squad that is centered around a faction. First Order, Jedi, Bounty Hunters, etc. I didn't get past the rank in arena till I started focusing on one faction. The best leaders in the game pretty much give bonuses to their faction, like Emperor Palpatine with Empire and Sith tagged toons, or Jedi Knight Revan with Jedi and Old Republic tagged toons.

December 9, PM. Brilliant thank you for the great advice. If you have a swgoh. December 11, PM. Thanks Rath - how do I do that? December 12, AM.

swgoh grand arena counters

Synergy with good lead. Ability to beat multiple teams not just one takes skill to do even counter teams. Right mod combinations to maximize effectiveness of squad and necessary gear and abilities that put u on equal field as other.

December 14, AM. Ally code is Will that help? December 14, PM. Go to Swgoh. Officer in Ewoks Fit In Blenders. PM to join us.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Grand Admiral Thrawn Unlocked!! G7 5* Phoenix Beat Tier 5

December 18, AM. Is this it? User Thanks. December 18, PM. Posting a link to your profile would be more helpful. I'm sure you would find some help, if you do.Home Discussions Best Of New player?

Check out the new player index. February 5, PM. When are you going to fix the matchups in ga Im tired of getting one shoted by players to gp ahead of me.

SWGOH Arena Rank 100 Mod Meta Report

I dont think i have won one arena battle since this stupid thing started. Its getting to the point i dont even want to be bothered entering. If you do discord bots you'll see it's set up perfectly.

Im division 2. My top 70 characters GP vs their top 70 GP. I can do whatever I want with my overall GP and the matchmaking stays. Keep as is. February 6, AM.

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I have won rounde once even without entering a battle So, all the time since new matchmaking you loose every time and never met at least person who dont fight in GA? February 6, PM. February 9, PM. Ive tried mixing up my defence and offence teams Even putting up completely different squads ,yet somehow the ither teams seem to match my toon placement perfectly on every team.

I dont even have teams close to that Little hard to improve your strategy when your teams get wiped out before you even get a turn off. Ive got very stong fleets so i got tossed into divison one and my ships dont do anything for me. February 10, PM. So section 2 match ip im up aganst team with levl 2 in arena and level 5 in fl arena.

February 12, PM. February 12, PM edited February You need to work on your mods. Especially dralak. Dr at malak at and bsf at are too slow especially malak. February 13, AM edited February Baram I see that you have many well-geared strong teams but as Drathuk wrote you really should work on your mods.Toggle navigation. Remove Ads. Stats Navigation. Privacy Policy Public Issue Tracker. ARC Trooper. Ahsoka Tano. Amilyn Holdo. Asajj Ventress.

B1 Battle Droid. B2 Super Battle Droid. Barriss Offee. Bastila Shan. Bastila Shan Fallen.

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Boba Fett. CC "Cody". CT "Echo". CT "Fives". CT "Rex". Canderous Ordo. Captain Phasma. Commander Luke Skywalker. Count Dooku. Darth Malak.

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Darth Nihilus. Darth Revan. Darth Sion. Darth Traya. Darth Vader. Emperor Palpatine. Enfys Nest. Ezra Bridger.Home Discussions Best Of New player? Check out the new player index. March 7, AM. What does it do? In short, it stores and analyzes squads for various modes of the game. Features Download Player Data Download yours, your opponent's or your entire guild's player data!

Compare your squad's stats side-by-side with an opponent or guildmate. Player data is retrieved using both SWGoH. Filter Heroes There are several useful ways to filter your downloaded rosters which comes in handy during Territory Wars especially.

But what if your guild has higher standards and you don't want any units lower than 15k GP? Just set the filter, and all units below the threshold are removed from availability. Multiple PvP Modes In any of the following modes, select from a vast array of predefined and user added squads and receive counter squad suggestions with strategy notes and, in some cases, video or discussion links. Arena Grand Arena Territory Wars PvE Modes There are also several suggested squads for upcoming character events as well as raid squad compositions, again with strategy notes.

Events Quests Raids Territory Battles Schedule Your guild reset - As well as the current guild activity and what to save for to maximize guild rewards. Squad arena payout countdown Fleet arena payout countdown All three raids! On-screen navigation tips My most recent addition is the On-Screen navigation tips that helps guide you through, not only how to use the sheet in each mode, but also how to setup the sheet to maximize it's performance.

Updates Many updates, including new characters as well as the core squads and counter squads are updated remotely. So there's no need to create a new copy of the sheet. In addition, there is also a communication window at the bottom where I'm able to drop notes to let users know the status of the sheet and when they might expect a revision.

March 7, PM.Home Discussions Best Of New player? Check out the new player index. August 13, PM. Thanks in advance. August 13, PM edited August I'm still gearing my Padme squad myself, but in my research I've seen primarily three options for the 4, and 5th toons. August 14, AM. If you can get an r2 faster than enemy DRs, than you can get smokescreen up and ruin those initial fears.

swgoh grand arena counters

I haven't really played with Padme myself, so that's pretty much all I know. C3 is probably the best general fifth. August 14, PM. DR's team can be beaten most of the time but if Padme gets fractured is most of the time game over. But luckely on offence this does not happen most of the time. Also when Malak is present its more difficult. But can easely stay below 50 and sometims below And its fun to play with Padme sounds a bit strange. I've been trying this but can't seem to climb through all the JKRs in my arena.

But I don't ever drop more than ranks either. I don't have any G13s, but neither does anyone near me either. Is there a trick to beating JKR with Padme? I usually focus the GMY to trigger saviour, and then go after Jolee.

Thanks for the help! Should I have Padme fast or slow? August 14, PM edited August August 15, AM.

SWGOH Tools and Guides

So the more debuffs you clear the better the damage you will do back. That special also heals the team from the intail damage taken. I saw on youtube fast padme win more consistently over malak team. Speed is around or something. September 13, PM.

Hi, I thought I would share with you my experience. I have been running Padme for a month now in arena, and I'm starting to really succeed with her. I've been in top 10 for 5 days, and finished 1st 2 times I started playing this game a bit more than 1 year ago, so the top 50 of my shard is almost full of G13 Darth Revan with many Malaks and a few Padme hehe.

I recently put R2-D2 instead of Ahsoka, I'll explain later why. I did a lost of tests and changes in the way I modded them. As other people told you, giving them a lot of health is really the core of the strategy for this team, it makes them very durable.

BUT the problem with this is that if they are too slow, a fast DR team will take too many turn and you won't be able to control the fight, which leads to very quick defeats less than 30 seconds sometimes.


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